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Everything You Need To Know About Eyelash Extensions Application/まつげエクステってどうやって付けてるの?

The process of applying lash extensions is simple but important. It is essential to isolate each natural lash before applying the extension. Once a natural lash has been isolated the extension is selected from what we call a lash tray. It is dipped in the adhesive, not to little or it won’t adhere but not to much or you will likely glue lashes together. Then the extension is placed on top (or sometimes to the bottom) of the natural lash. Position is also important, you don’t want the lash to cure laying at an angle.


1 Thickness/まつげエクステの太さ

TEyelash extensions are created with different diameters for different purposes. Avoid anything that is too thick .20 mm or .25 mm are just too much for most lashes to handle. Thickness .15 mm is most common for classic lashes, .10 mm could be used on very fine lashes or can be placed with another .10 mm to create a volume/2 dimensional effect. .07 mm,06 mm, and, 05 mm thicknesses are used for volume lashes. The number of lash extensions in a fan should vary depending on the thickness of your natural lashes and the thickness of the extensions being used. For example most frequently used is the .07 mm with 3 extensions in a fan, but a lash artist could also use .05 mm extensions with 5 lashes per fan, depending on what they feel the natural lashes can handle.
Tip: The thickness of your natural lashes will effect what we can put on as extensions. Too thick, too long, or too many can damage your natural lashes.

通常 0.15の太さをメンイで付けていきますが、細いまつげには負担のかからない0.1なども使用していきます。
0.07 のタイプはvolume lash に使用して行きます。 当店では負担がかかる0.2は取り扱いございません。

2 Type /エクステの種類

Lash Extensions are most commonly separated into classic and volume. Classic being one thicker extension to one natural lash and volume 3–5 finer extensions to one natural lash, spread out in what we refer to as a fan. There is also a hybrid option that is a mixture of classic and volume. 2D stands for 2 dimensional which means there a two extensions to one natural lash and when built with .10 mm extensions can create beautiful set.

Tip: We can only add as many extensions as you have natural lashes. Therefore if you have fewer lashes and want more fullness go for hybrid, 2D, or volume lashes. But for some, with lots of natural lashes a classic set can look like a volume set.




3 Style/デザイン

Most common styles include but are not limited to cat eye, doll eye, and dramatic. Cat eye draws the eye out with length at the ends making the eye look more almond shaped. Doll eye puts the majority of length in the middle where it opens up the eye to make it look larger, and often looks the most natural. Dramatic leaves lots of length throughout for a more obvious look.
Tip: The names are slightly deceiving because any of these styles can be natural or dramatic depending on the lengths used.




セクシー/目頭から目尻にかけてどんどん長くなるデザインです。 ゴージャス/全体的に長さが出るデザインです。

4 Curl

The curls are defined by a letter representing the look of the curl. J curl is obviously more of J shape and is the least curly or lifted. B curl is a lesser or basic curl. C curl is the common curl that matches most people natural lash curl. D curl is the most dramatic and lifted, it will be the most visible from the front, it is also the most popular. L curl has a harsher L shape that makes these lashes ideal if working with clients who have hooded eyelids for whom D curl just isn’t enough.
Tip: Matching your extensions to the curl of your natural lashes can help increase retention because the extension will adhere to more of the natural lash.

☆We have only Jcurl, Ccurl, Dcurl.


Jカール /自まつ毛に軽くマスカラを塗っているようなカール感です。



5 Length/長さ

Length is largely decided by the length of your natural lashes, be cautious of going too long as it may decrease retention or cause breakage. But everybody loves length so if you prefer them long maybe opt for a volume set that consists of more, finer lashes.

Tip: If you wear glasses and don’t want your extensions to brush them as you blink don’t go longer then a size 12 mm extension. Again can vary by person.

We have length until 13mm ,but D curl have 14mm


How many eyelash extension would you like to get?


After care is essential to long lasting extensions, do not get them wet for 24 hrs after a full set or a fill this allows the adhesive to completely cure. Avoid anything oil based as it will break down the adhesive, as will salt water or chlorine. Please do not put mascara on your extensions, it is very difficult to remove and can cause you lose more extensions after the next fill if not properly cleaned off. It is not the responsibility of the lash artist to clean your lashes before each fill.


I will consult with you ❤️


If you have any concerns about allergies,we also do a patch test.


What Is Lash Lift? ラッシュリフト(まつ毛パーマ)ってどう施術するの?

A lash lift curls your lash from base to tip so that you can see the full length,” All lashes have a natural shape to them, so this process alters that shape via a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution. (It’s not as scary as it sounds, as your eyes are closed as it’s applied but yes, there are some chemicals involved.) The treatment should always be performed by a licensed professional


How Long Will Lash Lift Last?

On average, it typically lasts one to two months. It depends on how long your lashes fall out and grow back, which gives you the advantage of doing it again as soon as you noticed your lashes are back into its natural shape. It means you have new lashes ready for a perm!

・パーマ後1週間程はキューティクルが開いた状態になります。美容液を塗る事 が効果的で、ハリを出す事でカールの見え方が変わってきますので、是非お試しください!

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