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Number76 Tokyo

03-5786-1642 / FAX 03-5786-1673
150-0001, 2F, MM Bldg. 4-9-2 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Daily: 10:00 - 19:00
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※All listed prices include tax.



Fringe Cut¥1,100
Hair Cut
Including shampoo & styling
0-4 years old
Excluding shampoo, for children of existing members only
5-12 years old¥3,300
13-18 years old¥4,620
Student of 19 years old and above
Please bring along your student ID
Eyebrow cut Women¥1,650
Eyebrow cut Men¥1,320

※ Hair cut service including shampoo & styling for guest of 5 years old and above

※The eyebrow menu is specialist will do it.Please select the eyebrow specialist to wear your booking.


Shampoo & Styling
※Shampoo & Afro Straightening + ¥5,500
Hair Set (Updo/Arragement)¥5,500

By appointment only

Point Make Up¥3,300
Full Make Up¥6,600
Early Morning Fee Before Business Hour (per hour)¥1,100


Cold Perm¥7,700
Digital Perm¥11,000
Point Design Perm¥3,300

Head Spa

Rene Furterer (Quick Course)¥5,500
Rene Furterer (Standard Course)¥7,700

Scalp Treatment

Global Milbon Scalp Treatment¥5,500
MILBON Plarmia Scalp Cleansing Treatment¥5,500
SHISEIDO Adenovital Scalp Cleansing Treatment¥6,600

Treatment (includes shampoo and blow-dry)

Global Milbon Smooth Treatment(With Homecare)¥5,500
LINK Treatment (With Homecare)¥7,700

Ultrasonic Iron Treatment

Global Milbon Smooth Ultrasonic Iron Treatment (With Homecare) ¥7,700
Ultrasonic Premium Treatment (With Homecare)¥9,900

SAN-NETSU Treatment


Moisture Straightening Perm (with Homecare)

Up to Collarbone¥22,000
Past Collarbone¥25,300
Below Chest¥28,600

※ Damage-less Straightening Perm is now known as Moisture Straightening Perm
※ Perm retouch service length guidance: approximately 5cm from the roots.

Natural Straightening

To remove chemical wave only¥ 13,200

Afro Straightening Perm (includes treatment)

Retouch (*5cm from the roots)¥35,200
Up to Collarbone¥40,700
Past Collarbone¥44,000
Below Chest¥58,300


Retouch (*5cm from the roots)¥15,070
Up to Collarbone¥18,700
Past Collarbone¥22,000
Below Chest¥25,300
Point Design Straightening¥6,600 ~

Non-Bleach Hair Color(includes shampoo and blow dry)

Retouch (*Only for customer within one month of the previous visit)¥4,400
Up to Chin¥5,500
Up to Collarbone¥6,600
Past Collarbone¥7,700
Below Chest¥9,900

※ Semi-permanent color with additional charges at ¥2,000 + tax

Care Bleach (includes treatment shampoo and blow-dry)

Retouch (*Only for customer within one month of the previous visit) ¥6,600
Up to Chin¥7,700
Up to Collarbone¥8,800
Past Collarbone¥9,900
Below Chest¥12,100

Highlights or Lowlights

Half Head¥14,300
Full Head¥18,700

※ Bleach/Highlights by consultation.

Design bleach・Design color (Balayage, Ombre, Face Framing Color, etc.)

Up to chin¥11,000
Up to Collarbone¥12,100
Past Collarbone¥13,200
Below Chest¥15,400

Seal Extensions

Medium (40 – 45cm)¥570 per piece
Long (50 – 55cm)¥680 per piece
Tape Change¥280 per piece
Hair Extension Coloring¥140 per piece
Hair Extension Removal¥5,500