Happy New Year!!

There are only a few days left this year (sparkling eyes)
How was everyone’s 2020 (!?)
Number76 Tokyo will continue to operate next year without losing to COVID-19 (ok)(shiny)

Here are some information about the January campaigns (3 hearts)

The new menu, eyebrow trimming which started this October, is going to be offered with a 10% discount in the coming January (haha)

(star) Female ¥ 1650 (tax in) → ¥ 1480 (tax in)
(star) Male ¥ 1320 (tax in) → ¥ 1180 (tax in)
* For women, a service to draw eyebrows is also included.

Promotion period: 5th -31st January 2021

There is also a promotion limited to LINE members, so please take this opportunity to check out the LINE timeline!