A new product is released from “ReFa” (shiny)

We will accept pre-orders from November 1st to 30th(1 heart)

If you will order for this period, you can get 10% discount!!
The theme of “Refa View Tech” is “Reproducing the skills of Japanese professionals with technology”.
The hair dryer and straight iron released last year that was substantially popular.

Three big points;
No damage
Makes beautiful curls
Long lasting three-dimensional effect

ReFa BEAUTECH CURL IRON was developed by updating the technology of the straight iron.
A uniquely developed carbon layer plate can keep the hair moisture.
It will create a beautiful design as same as the professional technique with suppressing hair damage.

Furthermore, the heat sensing function that keeps the temperature by the sensor mounted on the built-in heater prevents the occurrence of heat unevenness and can evenly transfer heat to the hair.
You don’t need to remake your curls over and over!

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