New Item!

How is everyone doing?

Do you know the popular hair oil, track oil & cream? 🤗

finally! Number76 Tokyo has also decided to start handling from June 🤩✨
It is an oil and cream that is already sold out from various salons and is hard to get, so if you are interested, please buy it as soon as possible! 🥰

There are 3 types of oil and cream!

💧 OIL 💧
☆ N ° 1… Fresh citrus scent, light texture and gloss, with a weak wet feeling.
☆ N ° 2… The scent of citrus herbs and the smooth and supple texture give it a glossy, moderately wet feel.
☆ N ° 3… Citrus floral scent (scent of Knmokusei), moist texture and gloss, with a strong wet feeling.

☆ N ° 1… Fresh citrus scent
☆ N ° 2… Citrus herb scent
☆ N ° 3… Citrus floral scent (Kinmokusei scent)

All creams are light and soft with a glossy finish and a natural finish.

It also moisturizes the hair and hands, giving it a well-textured and firm elasticity.
It’s not sticky and light, so it’s a product that can be used by people with rough hands 🥰

It is an extremely pure and highly safe product that has a comfortable feel and clears 97.20% or more of naturally derived ingredients 😄

Please take this opportunity to try it 😉💛