Jun promotion announcement!

🌧 June Promotion Notice 🌧

The rainy season is finally coming 😱💦
Are you all ready for the rainy season in your hair? 🙈✨
For those who aren’t ready at all, this month’s promotion is Number76 Tokyo, where you can get 10% off 3 of our most popular rainy season care products, ReOTTO, Luminous Spray, and Botaniens! 🤩✨

For those who don’t know what kind of product it is, I would like to introduce the points of 3 products. 😉

💙 ReOTTO 💙
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☆ Easy to swell
☆ Easy to spread
☆ Hair that is hard to organize

3 types of moisturizing ingredients and 4 types of repairing ingredients work on the inside and outside of the hair to block moisture!
Protect your hair from strong sunlight and keep your hair cohesive all day long ☺
Protect your hair from moisture by applying it before the dryer and drying it.

💜 Luminous spray 💜
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☆ I’m worried about color fading due to ultraviolet rays
☆ I want to take measures against humidity easily
☆ I want to maintain styling

A light-textured oil spray that protects hair from everyday damage factors (ultraviolet rays, heat, humidity, static electricity, friction, etc.) that affect hair color.
With a smooth and soft touch, you can use it either before or after drying 😉

💗 Botanience Straight Hair Oil 💗
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☆ Hair swell due to aging etc.
☆ Frizz and damage
☆ Spread and dry

By continuing to use it in daily care, it is difficult to understand the swell and spread, and it is also difficult to notice the dryness, so it is also an out bath oil for straight hair that can be expected to improve hair quality.
Based on 21 kinds of botanical beauty oils, it can be used as a measure against heat damage by using it before drying the hair with a hair dryer ☺

If you would like to use 3 products or want to hear more details, please feel free to ask the staff!
We look forward to welcoming you 😉💗