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What is “SAN-NETSU Treatment”?

By reacting glyoxylic acid with CMC, macromolecule keratin, Erucalactone and other substances included in link treatment, we can keep disulfide bonds within hair and fix your hair problems and frizz while improving hair quality at the same time.
No reductant / No alkaline agent / No hair swelling, softening

improve stray hair / damage recovery / hair luster ++ / last for 1-2 month

Who to recommend?

・Reduces hair habit without damaging it

・Reduces spread and swelling of damaged hair

・Bleach hair

・Thin hair, soft hair, cat hair

※ For people with strong curly hair, we recommend straightening hair.

Price (+Tax )

Short ¥13,200

Medium ¥16,500

Long ¥19,800

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First trial special 1 month: 1st – 31st JULY, 2020

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